Grew from a team of 3 to 25 within 18 months, USDmillions in revenue, and successfully serviced 50+ government entities and multinational corporations in various emerging technology solutions.


Experiential Marketing and Future Technologies




Initial investment from family office(s), further bootstrapped with breakeven within 2 years.

Core Focus

Director of Strategy, Innovation & Digital - covered business roadmap, team management, strategy, execution and growth.

Problem identified: through running multiple campaigns, we identified a need for experiential marketing activations, as well as training solutions using futuristic emerging technology.

Virtuality was initially founded to serve the real estate industry with virtual reality solutions. This was done through VR tours available on VR headsets as well as web for ready properties. After 6 months, it was clear the market was limited and scalability was challenging, with low cost alternatives readily available.

To get Virtuality off the ground, a targeted marketing campaign was run for 3 months, resulting in over 100 enquiries from companies and gov entities across the UAE. This in turn dictated Virtuality’s choice to pivot the business away from traditional VR solutions and expand to multiple technologies with a focus on user experience.