50+ projects ranging across multiple industries; everything from corporate websites to Ecommerce, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Advertising and Consulting.






Bootstrapped by founders from Day 1 - reinvested profits into internal ventures and R&D.

Core Focus

CEO and CPO - covered product development, business roadmap, team management, strategy, execution and growth.

Problem identified: As founders we encountered multiple SMEs who lacked any online presence in the form of a website or application. Simultaneously, there was a growing demand for online shopping.

Technnovate was a bootstrapped idea based off a growing problem identified. Majority of our clients had little to no online presence. They struggled to find customers, but were open to exploring new avenues for growth. Our first project, Zippo Inc., kick started Technnovate to then grow, build and reinvest into further development.

Our initial focus was on corporate websites and graphic design. Once our capabilities and talent grew, we expanded services to Ecommerce website design and development, as well as digital marketing, consulting on digital projects, and advisory services for startups in the UAE and Sweden.